IPKarting presents the new RS Kart chassis

IPKarting presents the new RS Kart chassis

The technical upgrades of the latest Racing products designed and manufactured by IPK are accompanied by an innovative livery as well as by the newly formed IPK Engineering brand.

While 2024 is full of news for IPKarting, the models produced by the factory remain unchanged and are still the same for all IPK brands: RS Kart, OK1, Praga Kart, Formula K. Both the Dragon and Fighter models are available in three versions for the Junior and Senior classes: XS1 (recommended for the Shifter categories), XS3 (recommended for the Tag categories) and DD2 (specifically developed for the unique category of the Rotax series). As for the MINI classes, the Monster EVO 3 chassis is confirmed too.

IPKarting’s renewed RS Kart models are available and ready to hit the track. The most evident differences compared to their predecessors regard aesthetics, as the new graphics have been applied to clearly convey the brand’s identity around racetracks. The same goal motivated the company’s choice to emphasise the value of their technical department, which designs all the products made by IPK and manages the entire research and development process, with a dedicated trademark. The new IPK Engineering logo now distinguishes all the components and accessories that are born in IPKarting, as a testament to their high quality standards, to the advanced skills of the professionals who manufacture them and to the state-of-the-art technologies that are employed to shape them.

The introduction of the new exclusive colour called Carbotech further proves IPKarting’s attention to detail, coherently representing the technical properties of the new aluminium alloy that is used to produce the main components of RS Kart chassis, such as hubs, pedals and elements of the braking system. This peculiar material is mostly employed in the aerospace industry, but also for road and off-road vehicles as well as in motorsport. It excels in terms of weight, being the lightest aluminium alloy and at the same time the most resistant one, from a mechanical point of view, when it comes to withstanding impacts, strains and torsions. Moreover, this material is the least subject to thermal expansion and consequently the most suitable for parts that are in contact with heat sources and that are used in external environments.

Precision is a key characteristic of the products manufactured by IPKarting, and the new bracket designed to adjust the height of the accelerator cable demonstrates it. In fact, this innovative feature improves the use of the accelerator cable and makes it more linear, especially when a driver needs the rearmost positions with the IPK multi-adjustable pedals. The new reinforced seat supports mounted on the RS Kart chassis represent yet another refinement, standing out for their increased thickness that allows them to be more tenacious and boosts their capacity in terms of load transfer.

The new RS Kart product line is also enriched by renewed optional equipment. In order to achieve the goal of adapting to all driving styles, tracks and conditions, IPK Engineering developed an additional steel torsion bar with a round section and a thickness of 1.5 mm, a straight adjustable seat support and a 7° angled plate for the steering wheel hub, which enables drivers of all sizes to find the ideal driving position. The versatility of RS Kart chassis is further enhanced by an innovative multi-adjustable steering column. Available for the steering columns of all sizes (490, 420 and 342 mm), these new steering tie rod fastening plates offer a wider range of adjustments with regard to the Ackermann angle, therefore allowing technicians to fully customise the karts’ setup and satisfy the specific needs of each individual driver.