A new RS Italy team joins the ranks of IPKarting

A new RS Italy team joins the ranks of IPKarting

Racing Kart will represent IPK’s RS brand as a dealer and as a squad.

IPKarting continues to broaden horizons, as the constructor launches a new project in collaboration with Racing Kart, which officially becomes a new RS Italy satellite team. Born in 2010 as an online store, Marco Danieli’s Racing Kart also developed into a racing team and, after making its debut in 2013, soon became a protagonist on the national stage. Having a remarkable ten-year experience and multiple achievements under their belt, Danieli’s group of skilled professionals are determined to make further progress. The goal is to nurture the growth of young drivers, providing them with the most valuable tips, tools and resources to learn, improve and succeed. 

Relying on its exceptional know-how as well as on the premium quality of its RS products, IPK will fully support Racing Kart’s mission. 

In addition to expanding the sales network of RS chassis thanks to its well-established online store, Racing Kart will promote IPKarting’s distinctive brand directly on racetracks, as four young and promising drivers will race RS karts in national competitions. After having visited IPK’s factory, Fabio Ferlicca, Massimo Farro, Leonardo Maisano and Nicolò Poli are already setting sights on the Italian Cup, which will stand out as the main target of the season. 

The agreement between IPKarting and Racing Kart is testimony to the constructor’s strategic commitment as well as to the potential of RS products.