The IPKarting multi-adjustable pedals for RS Kart

The IPKarting multi-adjustable pedals for RS Kart

Always seeking to improve its products from all points of view, IPK focused on guaranteeing to all its drivers the ideal driving position, which is crucial for performance.

Coherently with the company’s philosophy, IPK produces an ample range of accessories machined from solid pieces of material to meet customer expectations. The steering wheel hub, the heel rest and the pedal board are all accessories that have been thought to ensure that drivers of any height and in any class can drive as efficiently and comfortably as possible. In 2020, IPK made further progress by introducing the multi-adjustable pedals for all RS Kart chassis of all categories.


The IPK technicians created new pedals to reach a variety of goals, but especially because they were determined to speed up and simplify the work of mechanics while they’re on track, especially when dealing with the MINI kart, by increasing the number of possible adjustments. A modular product consisting of two pieces joined by a pin that is capable of rotating in 4 different positions proved itself a valuable solution. The total amount of available adjustments then went up to eight with the possibility of fastening the heel rest in 2 different positions.

A particularly interesting feature of the new IPK pedal is that it can be used interchangeably for the brake and the accelerator thanks to its design. Simplifying warehouse management for dealers and decreasing the amount of spare parts that racing teams need to bring to the track are two significant advantages.

The benefits of the new pedals don’t only derive from the interaction with the driver. As a matter of fact, the 5 fastening positions for the master cylinder control rod make sure that it always remains parallel to the ground, thus functioning in the best way possible. Additionally, 2 positions for the accelerator cable fastening bushing are now available.


If the target is to have the optimum driving position, it’s important to evaluate the distance of the pedals from the driver’s seat. The IPK technicians showed their knowledge in this field too, as one of the main strengths of the new IPK pedals regards their ability to adapt to the driver’s physical characteristics. In fact, with their wide range of available adjustments, the pedals can follow drivers throughout their growth.

Furthermore, the aluminium pedal board, machined from a solid piece of material and featuring 10 adjustment holes for the pedal as well as 6 for the heel rest, is completely compatible with the new pedals. However, the pedal alone can perfectly satisfy the needs of all heights, age groups and categories, without the support of other accessories such as extensions.


IPK’s new multi-adjustable pedals are composed of 7075 aluminium alloy, which is more suitable than traditional aluminium because it’s lighter as well as stronger from a mechanical point of view and itoffers greater resistance to thermal expansion. The highest safety and quality standards are reached with the use of this material, of CNC machining, which has always been a fundamental element of the production of IPK accessories, and of tailor-made bolts and screws.

Finally, the entire manufacturing process, beginning with the design stage, is performed in-house by IPK. A 3D printer helps the technicians in quickly creating prototypes and accurately checking all the specifications before the actual production of the accessories starts, and they can also count on the data collected by the official racing teams at the racetracks.