Monster EVO 3: the MINI by RS Kart

Monster EVO 3: the MINI by RS Kart

Monster EVO 3 is the name of the RS Kart MINI chassis, produced for the youngest drivers. When the first CIK-FIA international homologation for MINI karts was released, IPK worked hard to improve the RS MINI chassis and implemented various technical innovations in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction to the customers.



28 mm diameter steel tubes make up the frame of the Monster EVO 3 and, coherently with IPK’s tradition, the tubes are manually welded by experienced and specialised operators. A double bend at the height of the fuel tank is formed by the two longerons, a solution which is frequently used in the bigger chassis of the following categories. Additionally, four levels of chassis’ rear height adjustments are now available thanks to the new rear bearing housing, which has been considerably innovated. This grants more flexibility and a greater opportunity for adaptation to different track conditions. Also the new master cylinder support is in a casing, consequently enabling a better alignment in relation to the pedals as well as an increased rigidity. Lastly, an important change was made with the aim of freeing the chassis from the tension that was generated when the fairing support was affixed: both the length and the diameter of the fastening tubes of the front and side fairing supports have been, in fact, reduced.


Respecting IPK’s philosophy, the pump and the brake caliper, the brake system’s components, are machined from a solid piece of metal. The floating and self-ventilated brake disc has a diameter of 149 mm and includes holes, which are beneficial for heat dissipation, as well as grooves, which are created to prevent debris from disturbing the brake pads. Furthermore, the new caliper has 4 pistons and it is the same one used for the front brakes of shifter karts. This gives a key advantage: it supports a significantly modular braking, a noteworthy characteristic for a go-kart that demands driveability because it aids in avoiding locking up during braking, which has negative repercussions on performance. To further increase the adaptability of the braking to the different driving styles, drivers can select among three diverse pad kits: SOFT (green coloured), which is composed of a softer material and thought for strong braking even with little pressure on the pedal; MEDIUM (red coloured), which represents the standard version; HARD (blue coloured), designed for those drivers who have the habit of putting more pressure on the pedal.


IPK always pays great attention to the details of its accessories and the new multi-adjustable pedals prove it too. Machined from a solid piece of 7075 aluminium alloy, their core feature regards the possibility of being adjustable in 4 different positions, which include 5 fastening points for the brake rod and 2 for the accelerator cable. The C5 bearings are part of the innovation at the rear end of the chassis, as they were produced before the ceramic version and are accompanied by three fastening grub screws on the axle in order to increase grip. At the front end, the customary CCS system, manufactured in IPK and utilised to adjust camber and caster, has been simplified to make the geometry changes more rapid. Additionally, also the new silencer support is adjustable and no longer integrated with the rear bearing housing. The goal is to free the chassis from tension as much as possible and the new plate for the fastening of the battery support has been studied for this too.

There are also new versions of the fuel tank and of the steering wheel. Designed for the Rotax classes, the fuel tank has a capacity of 4,5 litres, while the steering wheel presents a silicone material to improve grip and is supplied as a standard version with an inclined hub.


The new MK20 fairings by KG represent the most evident innovation in the RS Monster EVO 3 and regard the aesthetics of the go-kart. The driver’s protection as well as the aerodynamic air penetration have been improved meaningfully thanks to a revised shape compared to the past years. There is also another benefit in terms of weight, as the overall kit, including the supports, is 500 grams lighter.

Red remains the distinguishing colour in the RS MINI Kart livery, which expresses its passionate character.